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e-CAT Towers

Whether you need remote communications or reliable surveillance technology, e-CAT towers will rise to the occasion. These towers are ideal for those looking to reduce the cost of maintenance and mitigate risk. Our innovative articulation method enables a worker to lower the tower to ground level for maintenance and repairs utilizing only an 18v battery-operated drill. “True Positive Stop” technology utilizes a non-hydraulic jackscrew during articulation allowing towers to be safely raised and lowered without reliance on gravity and without regard to wind conditions.

The Pillar “Full Penetration Connection” ensures long-term reliability and offers an industry-leading “tower-to-base” connection method. During standardized fatigue tests, the “Full Penetration Connection” lasted more than twice as long as the closest competition. Our e-CAT towers can handle winds up to 90mph, making them task-ready for even the toughest of environments.


Operator Safety

  • Eliminates the need for climbing maneuvers and boom-truck operations
  • “True Positive Stop” (TPS) technology protects the workers while articulating

Ease of Use

  • Fully articulates utilizing an 18v battery-operated drill
  • Operated by one worker
  • Rapid installation; can mount to a Dixie precast foundation
  • Pre-wired from the factory
  • Single coaxial run does not require disconnection for articulation


  • Hot dipped galvanization on both the tower and associated hardware
  • “Full Penetration Connection” tower-to-base connection method
  • Round tube design for better force dispersion
  • Capable of handling wind loads of up to 90mph


  • Locking tamper resistant cover
  • Hand-crank for tower articulation
  • Custom made enclosures
  • Varmint guard
  • Antenna mount
  • Variable height antenna mount
  • Removable remote-controlled articulation
  • Full installation

Model: eCAT 20
Height: 20'
Wind Rating: 90 mph
Antenna EPA: 3 sq. ft.

Model: eCAT 40
Height: 40'
Wind Rating: 90 mph
Antenna EPA: 3 sq. ft.

Model: eCAT 60
Height: 60'
Wind Rating: 90 mph
Antenna EPA: 3 sq. ft.


e-CAT Towers
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