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Wireless, Site-Wide-Distributed Alert System

The Pillar Innovations’ wireless MusterAlert™ is designed to provide instantaneous alerts to the entire job site without waking up the neighbors. Leveraging wireless radio frequency meshing communication in conjunction with energy harvesting and advanced battery technology options, our easily deployed MusterAlert™ can be used to alert your entire Jobsite of changing conditions. The distributed design reliably and instantly covers remote sections without the need for a centralized horn that may draw unwanted attention. With our cellular communication options, management can stay informed of status changes instantly by way of a text, email, or phone call. With an ever-growing list of features and alerting options, MusterAlert™ can evolve with your project from exploration to completion.



  • Fully-customizable visual and audible options
  • Flexible alarm trigger options can be centralized or distributed with pushbuttons and sensors
  • Customizable power source AC or DC (Solar)
  • Up to 8 hours of horn and strobe runtime with standard equipment
  • Seamless retrofit into existing plants — No need to run cables or conduit
  • Perfect for temporary job sites or specific areas of concern
  • Compact devices are easily installed and moved
  • Mesh network radio system for redundant communication
  • AES encryption

Optional Features

  • Cellular communication to the Cloud
  • Automatic text and email alert notifications
  • Integration with existing alarms systems to expand an existing system’s effective footprint
  • Interface with peripherals such as automatic shutdowns
  • Flexible mounting — wall, stand, or pole-mounted
  • Indoor or outdoor applications
  • Lease or purchase options are available


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