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Switch Run Through (SRT) Detection System

The Pillar Innovations patent-pending detection system is a wireless, battery-powered SRT system, which leverages dynamic strain readings on the switch rod to detect non-trailable SRT events. The SRT Node hardware is capable of ingesting thousands of strain readings per second.

It compares dynamic strain readings to the Pillar SRT waveform library and provides immediate and accurate notification of SRT events both locally and from distributed Audible Visual Alert (AVA) stations. The AVA’s on-board cell modem can also provide instant notification of SRT events by way of email or text to personnel. At the click of the link, the cloud-based dashboard,, can be accessed to ascertain site conditions in detail. With wireless communication and solar-powered battery operation, installation is quick and easy with no need to install conduit or pull wire. This technology was developed in cooperation with a rail operator and is projected to save the respective operator over $10 million annually in repairs, restoration efforts, cost of damaged goods, and lost productivity associated with derailments due to SRT events.



  • Design and develop a system to detect Switch Run Throughs (SRTs) in the railyard setting
  • Monitor the structural integrity of the switch and alert on SRT events (to prevent derailment on backup)
  • Deliver track-side SRT audible and visual alerts
  • No external power required (utilize solar and battery components)
  • No additional workload for railyard personnel
  • Operate in all weather and light conditions
  • Low profile and small footprint at the switch
  • Focus on non-trailable switches


  • The SRT Detection System detected both compression-type and tension-type run through events on non-trailable switches
  • The SRT node beacon identified the switch location of the SRT event
  • The AVA station beacon was visible beyond 600 ft. of the AVA station
  • The AVA station horn was heard:
    • By ground personnel during each SRT
    • By cab personnel 50% of the time (depending on horn direction)
    • 600 ft. away from the AVA station
  • Cloud-based system monitoring with email and/or text-based SRT alert messages


Switch Run Through Brochure
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